Mudcat Browser Tools

Browser Addon: Mudcat Browser Tools

This browser addon helps locate new posts on Mudcat by identifying which threads have new posts since you last viewed them and going straight to the first new post. It also adds some buttons to assist posting.

  1. Displays threads posted to since the list was last shown in italics.
  2. Scrolls a thread to the first new post (optional).
  3. If posting as a guest, remembers your last user name.
  4. Preselects preview when posting.
  5. Adds quoting and linking buttons.
  6. Saves and recovers text in case of failure to post.

It works best if you keep the thread list open, and open threads in new tabs, rather than going backwards and forwards.

Screenshots: click for a bigger image.

Index page Post box Preview

There is a Firefox and a Google Chrome version. Click on the yellow link to find out how to install it.

Mudcat Browser Tools (Addon for Firefox and Firefox for Android.)

Mudcat Browser Tools (Chrome extension.)


Userstyles alter a webpage's appearance. They run under the Stylish addon for Firefox or Chrome. Click the blue button to install.

At the time of writing the future of Stylish for Firefox is uncertain. Stylish has changed hands and there are concerns about its direction - see this article. I suggest you change to Stylus for Firefox or Stylus for Chrome. . Although marked beta it seems to work fine on Firefox desktop. On Android it mostly works with Firefox 56 - on earlier versions the preferences do not appear. Update 19/8: Stylus has been marked incompatible with Firefox for Android by its author. It's unclear whether it will be made compatible with Firefox 57 when Stylish will cease to work.

Because of this I decided to built these threee userstyles into the Mudcat Browser Tools addon for Firefox from version 2. So you don't need either Stylish or Stylus to make these layout changes to Mudcat. If you have stylish/stylus anyway you can use these userstyles or the built-in ones. Don't use both.

Mudcat compact forum Userstyle: mudcat - compact forum

This userstyle is aimed at small screens and suppresses the search boxes at the top of the front page; the search boxes are still on every thread page.

The 'built-in version of this is slightly different. Instead of suppressing the search box it moves it to the bottom of the page.
Compact forum display

Screenshot: click for a bigger image.

Mudcat - reorder index columns Userstyle: mudcat - reorder index columns

This userstyle is designed for small displays. It moves the number-of-messages column to the left of the index page so that you can zoom in without the number of messages and associated multi-page links disappearing off the screen.

Index with reordered columns

Screenshot: click for a bigger image.

Mudcat magnify posts Userstyle: mudcat - magnify posts

This userstyle is designed for viewing mudcat on a phone in portrait mode. It doubles the font-size of the posts, which should make them readable without zooming - which makes them go off the edge of the screen.

Thread with magnified text

Screenshot: click for a bigger image.